Troodos (Beautiful Villages) Tour

Troodos (Beautiful Villages) Tour

(If your group is more than four people, please ask for the price.)

Uncover the Charms of Troodos Villages: An Enriching Day Trip from Nicosia or Kyrenia

Embark on an enchanting journey through Cyprus' cultural crossroads, as we explore the Troodos, the island's highest mountain range. This vibrant and verdant landscape, dotted with pines, cypress, dwarf oaks, and cedars, transforms seasonally - from a green wonderland to a fairytale winter scene (between December to March). Visit Kalopanayiotis, a village popular for its quaint footpaths and cobbled streets, and a monastery. The Saint John Lapmpadistis is one of the Monastry's in the Troodos region, which is in a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Next, we journey to the idyllic hill resort of Kakopetria. This quaint village brims with tradition, boasting charming houses and narrow, winding streets. Amidst the serene surroundings, we'll enjoy a delectable lunch at a local eatery, immersing ourselves in the flavours of Cypriot cuisine. The last stop of the day will be at the Troodos centre, where you will have free time to enjoy the local sweets, drinks, cuisine. This tour offers a tranquil escape, providing a unique perspective of Cypriot culture, its nature, and the tantalizing delicacies that define it. If a peaceful exploration of Cyprus' rich tapestry of natural and cultural wonders appeals to you, then join me on this unforgettable journey.

Historic Landmarks

Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of Troodos, where charming villages unveil a rich narrative, making it an indispensable experience for nature enthusiasts, culture seekers, and curious travellers alike.

Fully Guided

Our tour is led by an experienced and engaging speaking guide, providing in-depth insights, fascinating stories, and captivating historical context throughout the journey, ensuring an immersive and enriching experience.


Embark on our tour with a government-licensed guide, ensuring a professional, knowledgeable, and reliable experience as you explore the fascinating wonders of Cyprus.

Easy Access

Experience the beautiful villages of Troodos in the utmost comfort and convenience with our premium car transport. Effortlessly traverse the fascinating locales of this captivating region.

Trip Itinerary

  • We are leaving Nicosia and making our way to Kalopanayiotis, a charming area located in the Troodos region and recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Next, we head to the picturesque Holy Kykkos Monastery, founded in the 11th Century. 
  • Our journey continues to the charming village of Kakopetria. Here, we stroll through the village’s ancient part, taking in the traditional architecture and serene ambience.
  • We then make our way towards the heart of the Troodos mountain range. Here, you’ll have the liberty to explore freely, whether that means marvelling at the breathtaking panoramas, indulging in local delicacies, or simply basking in the serenity of this mountainous paradise.
  • As we come to the end of our tour, we will be visiting Troodos Centre, where you can take some time to explore and indulge in the various local products and services available.

Meeting Point & Duration

Duration: 8 hours. Meeting Point Options: Nicosia or Kyrenia. If you would like to meet in another location, please inquire for the additional price.

Additional Information

  • Expert Guiding Services: Benefit from your local guide’s extensive knowledge and passion throughout your journey.
  • Private Transportation: Enjoy the comfort and convenience of private, air-conditioned transport.
  • Parking Fees: All parking tickets for stops along our journey are covered.
  • Refreshments: A small water bottle will be provided for each participant to stay hydrated throughout the tour.
  • Personal Expenses: Any personal purchases or expenses, such as souvenirs, are not included in the tour price.
  • Food and Beverages: Meals, drinks, and snacks are not included in the tour price. Expect to budget approximately 20 Euros for a delightful lunch at a local restaurant.
  • Passport: Remember to bring your passport for this tour if you plan to cross from Northern Cyprus to Southern Cyprus. This is a necessity and your responsibility to ensure a smooth journey.
  • Souvenirs: While we’ll visit charming local shops, the cost of any mementoes you wish to purchase is not included in the tour.

Please come prepared with these considerations in mind to ensure an effortless and enjoyable tour.

  • Guiding Limitations: Please note that due to the political situation on the island, I am only licensed to act as a tour guide within North Cyprus. Although I cannot officially guide you through the archaeological sites located in the Republic of Cyprus, I can still provide valuable information and insights as a native Cypriot to enhance your experience and understanding of these remarkable sites.

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