Kyrenia, Famagusta & Nicosia Tour

Kyrenia, Famagusta & Nicosia Tour

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An Unforgettable Journey through Kyrenia, Famagusta, and Nicosia

Journey with us to Kyrenia, nestled on the northern coast of Cyprus, where the Byzantine-era Castle stands proudly, its walls echoing the tales of civilizations past. After a scenic drive, we ascend to the charming Bellapais village, nestled in the Kyrenia mountains. Its name, a testament to the serene Monastery that graces its landscape. An hour's drive transports us to the medieval marvel of Famagusta, a city encased within ancient walls. Here, we explore the gothic grandeur of St. Nicholas Cathedral, a relic from the Lusignan period, among other historical treasures. Enjoy free time to savour local cuisine (at an additional cost) and explore the city at your own pace. Next, we tread the eerie silence of Varosha, known as the 'Ghost Town'. Do ghosts truly wander here? I'll unveil its captivating story as we wander through its abandoned streets. Our final destination is Nicosia, the last divided capital in Europe, teeming with an intriguing mix of history and culture. My mission is to ensure your day is etched with unforgettable moments, rich history, vibrant culture, and shared laughter, making the most of your precious time in Cyprus.

Historic Landmarks

Witness Kyrenia, Nicosia and Famagusta's awe-inspiring historical landmarks on our tour, where each site unveils captivating tales, making it an invaluable experience for history aficionados and curious travellers alike.

Fully Guided

Our tour is led by an experienced and engaging speaking guide, providing in-depth insights, fascinating stories, and captivating historical context throughout the journey, ensuring an immersive and enriching experience.


Embark on our tour with a government-licensed guide, ensuring a professional, knowledgeable, and reliable experience as you explore the fascinating wonders of Cyprus.

Easy Access

With convenient car transport at your disposal, effortlessly access and explore the remarkable attractions of Kyrenia, Nicosia and Famagusta, circling Cyprus in comfort for a leisurely and enjoyable exploration experience.

Trip Itinerary

  • Beginning our journey from Nicosia, we’ll embark on a scenic drive to the coastal city of Kyrenia.
  • We’ll explore the historic Kyrenia Castle, revealing stories of its past.
  • Next, we’ll stroll through the charming Bellapais village, immersing ourselves in its tranquil atmosphere.
  • We’ll discover the architectural beauty of Bellapais Monastery, a true gem of the region.
  • Our journey continues to the fortified city of Famagusta, rich in medieval history.
  • We’ll enjoy a stroll in the city, granting you some free time for personal exploration.
  • Our city tour unveils treasures such as St. Nicholas Cathedral, the Lusignan Palace, and St. Peter & St. Paul Church.
  • Our adventure carries us to the mysterious Varosha, the ‘Ghost Town’, where we’ll embark on a short, intriguing walk.
  • As we journey back to Nicosia, we’ll admire the unique sights from our vehicle.
  • Our final stop in Nicosia introduces us to notable landmarks, including Kyrenia Gate, Buyuk Han, and the majestic St. Sophia Cathedral, marking a memorable end to our enriching tour.

Meeting Point & Duration

Duration: 9 hours 30 minutes Meeting Point Options: Ledra Palace Border Crossing (North Side), Nicosia

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