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Kyrenia harbour

If you want a relaxing and satisfying holiday experience, Cyprus is the place to be. Our tours are designed to take you on a journey of discovery, where you can witness breathtaking landscapes and beaches, soak in the rich history and culture, and indulge in exciting outdoor activities. The following are some of the highlights of our tours:

Discover the Rich History and Culture of Cyprus

If you are a history buff, Cyprus is a treasure trove filled with ancient ruins and castles that witness the island’s turbulent past. Our tours take you on a journey where you can explore these remarkable sites at your own pace. From the ancient city of Salamis to the impressive St. Hilarion Castle and the impressive Bellapais Abbey, there is no shortage of historical landmarks to discover.

Explore Ancient Ruins and Castles

The ancient city of Salamis is a testament to the island’s rich history. Founded in 1100 BC, this ancient city was once the island’s most important port. Today, the ruins offer a glimpse into the past, and visitors can explore the theatre, gymnasium, and baths. The St. Hilarion Castle, located near Kyrenia, is another highlight.

But North Cyprus has more to offer than just Salamis and St. Hilarion Castle. Our tours also take you to other ancient ruins and castles, such as the Kantara Castle, Buffavento Castle, and the Ancient City of Famagusta. You will be amazed by the rich history and culture that these sites have to offer.

Visit Traditional Villages and Local Markets

If you want to immerse yourself in local culture and traditions, our tours take you off the beaten path to explore traditional villages and regional markets. The town of Buyukkonuk, for example, is known for its traditional Cypriot houses and the production of organic fruits and vegetables. Meanwhile, the old town of Kyrenia is home to ancient mosques, narrow streets, and bustling markets.

But that’s not all. Our tours also take you to other traditional villages, such as Karmi Village, known for its stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and its traditional architecture. You will also visit local markets, such as the Wednesday Market in Kyrenia, where you can buy fresh produce, handmade crafts, and souvenirs.

Learn About the Unique Cypriot Cuisine

One of the best ways to experience a culture is through its food; Cypriot cuisine is no exception. During our tours, you can learn about the unique Cypriot cuisine, which is a fusion of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavours. From succulent lamb dishes to fresh seafood, the cuisine of North Cyprus is sure to tantalise your taste buds.

But that’s not all. Our tours also take you to local restaurants and taverns, where you can taste traditional Cypriot dishes like grilled halloumi, kleftiko, and meze. You will also get a chance to learn about the history and culture behind these dishes and the ingredients that make them so unique.

So what are you waiting for? Book your tour of North Cyprus today and discover the rich history, culture, and cuisine this beautiful island offers.

Breathtaking Natural Landscapes and Beaches

Cyprus is a land of natural beauty, with stunning mountain ranges, pristine national parks, and gorgeous sandy beaches. Our tours take you on a journey where you can explore these natural wonders, either by hiking through the national parks or relaxing on the beaches.

Hike Through Pristine Mountains and Parks

The Kyrenia Mountain range (Five Finger Mountains) is two of the most breathtaking mountain ranges in North Cyprus. Our tours take you on a scenic hike through these mountains, witnessing stunning views of the surrounding valleys and coastline.

As you hike through the Five Finger Mountains, you’ll be surrounded by lush greenery and abundant wildlife. Keep your eyes peeled for the endemic flowers, such as orchids and Cypria Tulipa (depending on the season), that are unique to the island. You’ll also be able to explore St. Hilarion Castle, a medieval fortress perched high on a hilltop that offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

The Kyrenia Range is home to the beautiful Buffavento Castle, which dates back to the 11th century. The castle sits atop a rocky peak, offering panoramic views of the coastline and the Mediterranean Sea. As you hike through the Kyrenia Range, you’ll also have the opportunity to visit Bellapais Abbey. This 13th-century monastery is considered one of the world’s finest Gothic architecture.

Relax on Secluded Sandy Beaches and Watch the Turtles

If you require relaxation, our tours take you to some of the most secluded and serene beaches in North Cyprus. From the famous Alagadi Beach to the pristine Golden Beach, there is no shortage of beautiful beaches to experience.

At Alagadi Beach, you can witness the nesting of the endangered green and loggerhead turtles. The government protects the beach, and during the nesting season, visitors are not allowed on the beach at night to avoid disturbing the turtles. On the other hand, Golden Beach is known for its crystal-clear waters and golden sand. Rocky cliffs surround the beach and offer a stunning Mediterranean Sea view.

Witness Stunning Coastal Views and Sunsets

North Cyprus is known for its stunning coastal views and sunsets, and our tours take you on a journey where you can witness these breathtaking vistas firsthand. From Cape Kormakitis to the stunning Apostolos Andreas Monastery, the coastal views of North Cyprus are sure to leave you in awe.

Cape Kormakitis is a rocky promontory that juts out into the Mediterranean Sea. The cape offers a stunning view of the coastline and the crystal-clear waters below. The Apostolos Andreas Monastery, located on the northeastern tip of the island, is a Greek Orthodox monastery that dates back to the 15th century. The monastery sits on a rocky outcrop overlooking the sea, offering a stunning coastline view and sunset.

As you travel along the coast, you’ll also have the opportunity to visit the ancient city of Salamis, which was once a thriving port city during the Roman Empire. The city is now in ruins, but the ancient amphitheatre and the Roman baths still stand and offer a glimpse into the past.

With its stunning natural landscapes and beautiful beaches, North Cyprus is a destination that should not be missed. Our tours offer a unique opportunity to explore this beautiful island and experience its natural wonders firsthand.

Adventure and Outdoor Activities

If you are an adventure junkie, North Cyprus has plenty of options to keep you entertained. Our tours offer a range of outdoor activities, from diving into crystal-clear waters to embarking on thrilling jeep safaris.

Dive into the Crystal Clear Waters

North Cyprus is a diver’s paradise, with clear, calm waters offering excellent visibility. Our tours take you to some of the best diving sites in the region, where you can explore the underwater world and witness stunning marine life.

Embark on a Thrilling Jeep Safari

If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, our tours offer a thrilling jeep safari across the rugged terrain of North Cyprus. The safari takes you through rocky passages, dense forests, and remote villages, offering an unforgettable adventure experience.

Experience the Excitement of Water Sports

North Cyprus is also a fantastic destination for water sports enthusiasts. From windsurfing to kiteboarding, there are plenty of options to choose from. Our tours take you to some of the best water sports centres in the region, where you can experience the thrill of the wind and waves.

The Bottom Line

Cyprus is a land of ancient history, stunning natural beauty, exciting outdoor activities, and luxurious retreats. Our tours offer an immersive and unforgettable experience where you can explore the best of what this beautiful island has to offer. From the rich history and culture to the breathtaking landscapes and beaches, there is no shortage of experiences to discover. So come and join us on our tours and experience the best of North Cyprus!

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